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Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd. played a major role in creating a significant number of Corporate Internet users in Dhaka City and now leading the next generation Internet, With a focus on cost effective & innovative solutions.
There is a professional NOC (Network Operation Centre) team with young and energetic hands to provide the secured and advanced up-to-date Internet solutions. Dhaka Fiber Link is always committed to give the best services and customer satisfaction. We always think about Customer Care. We able to set up an example of excellence with its subscribers with the help of updated technology and dedicated customer support service. Our main focus is to provide reliable hassle free, easy-to-use and faster Internet services for our valued corporate customers.

We are committed to continuous improvement of its services to the highest international standard. We have the top class technical expertise and consultants for providing secured and advanced up-to-date IT services.

Our number one objective is to make the internet more accessible for Corporate User in Dhaka offering high quality, comprehensive internet access.
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